The SVGA (Swiss Video Game Archivists) association was founded on December 17, 2022, following the Pixelvetica pilot project commissioned by Memoriav. It is composed of former members of the Pixelvetica project, as well as new members from other backgrounds and institutions.

The Pixelvetica pilot project (2021-2022) commissioned by Memoriav had the mission of establishing an inventory and needs assessment regarding the preservation of Swiss video games, both in Switzerland and internationally. The team was composed of seven people with different areas of expertise in cultural preservation and video games. The conclusions of the project highlighted the lack of resources in this area, particularly regarding the identification of professionals in the sector. This is why this initiative was launched.

This professional association aims to be open to all individuals and professionals interested in questions of video game preservation in Switzerland, as well as to bring together professionals in the archiving of video games and to promote video game preservation. Several projects are already underway, including collaborations with Swiss cultural institutions and support for the development of useful resources in this area.

(In French) Les statuts de l’association SVGA

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